April 28, 2006

the coolest small concidence!

It's funny that after two years of slowly meeting all the local Vietnamese I can find within the 5 boroughs of New York City, I stumble upon someone running a business a block away from my apartment! Loi Luc and her partner, Danny Mei opened up Cat Fish Greetings over two years ago right on Mulberry Street. I've shopped there often since their selection of greeting cards and little knick knacks is always lively and cute. But it wasn't until Rich and I were looking for someone to design and print baby announcements that I actually talked to Loi. As we were going through the possible designs and card selection I noticed that her card read "Loi Luc", that could only be a Vietnamese name right?? It turns out we both had the same reaction - wow you're Vietnamese?! You don't look Vietnamese at all! But I'm happy that my misconceptions were misplaced this time.

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