October 01, 2003


In the fall of 2003, Hong and I were lamenting about the lack of young Vietnamese creatives in New York City. There had to be some movers and shakers in NYC, some dreamers, visionaries and future superstars. Why did everything seem to happen in California? In a flurry of e-stalking, calling old college friends, contacting long lost cousins, and basically approaching anyone and everyone who could help, we have begun to discover that YES, they are out there. And they are doing amazing things. We are dedicated to finding them all here in our hometown, on our turf, New York City.

I am the oldest sister, with Hong a scant year behind me, in a family of 4 siblings. Both our younger siblings are at Princeton. Sieu, our 'number one son' brother is working on his Phd while Thu is discovering the joys of undergraduate life. Our parents live in New Jersey and so we are home often for mom's delicious cooking. Our family is very tight knit and close, Hong and I talk almost everyday.

Thu calls us "SAME", said in a deadpan voice. And it's true Hong and I love many of the same things. We love our coffee black, our bacon crisp, non-soggy french fries in the afternoon, Lucky Strike Lights all the time, cheesy chick flicks, Bon Jovi and Emmylou Harris. We also adore our family - the Haduongs in Paris and California, the Huynhs in Montreal and Vietnam.

I never dreamed there would be so many young Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American creatives in New York City. After years of feeling like we were the only ones interested in anything remotely contemporary and well designed, it's been refreshing to learn that we are not the only ones. We're not looking for new friends or soulmates and we're not interested in every single thing that is "Vietnamese". We just want to know what's going on with you, eager to see who's where doing what.

the HA sisters,
Yen & Hong