February 28, 2006

participate in the upcoming New General Catalog 224 show

New General Catalog 224 is pleased to present "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, Her Lover, and Their Dinner Guests", twelve experimental nights of dinner for two. 24 lucky individuals - two per each evening above - will be chosen to come dine in the gallery, which will be transformed into an exclusive single-table restaurant. Each pair of diners will have the gallery all to themselves as they are treated to a mysterious assortment of art, entertainment, and a special meal prepared by a guest chef for that unique evening.

Chosen diners will be given a set of rules and stipulations for each night that will determine the parameters of their interaction with one another and to the space and meal. For example, one typical night might include walls adorned with found neon signs, a menu of alphabet soup served with a Scrabble board placed on the table between the diners. Each word played will subsequently determine the topic of conversation while a live chamber orchestra provides the background music.

Each distinctive night will be a complete surprise to the diners, who will be chosen from a pool of entrants by means of a random drawing. Interested participants may submit an entry individually (and thus dine with a stranger) or with another person. To enter the drawing, do one of the following:

1) Email by March 6 your Name, Address, and Telephone Number to ngc224gallery@gmail.com. If you are entering as a pair, please include the second person's information as well. In the SUBJECT field of the email, please write DIN DIN.
2) Mail a postcard to NGC 224 at 140 Franklin Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222 with your Name(s), Address, Email, and Telephone Number. Cards should be postmarked by March 2.

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