January 04, 2005

Other Vietnamese Groups around

In the course of all this e-stalking, I have run into other Vietnamese groups - yes they do exist! littlevietnam-in-nyc is a yahoo list-serve started by Thomas Pham. One of the first dinners we had, Bao Pham from this group came and brought several of his friends. We had a great time but haven't managed to meet up again too many times since.
And then I met Nam Nguyen through another mutual friend, he started a yahoo list-serve called VQSpace whose mission is "for Vietnamese-Americans and others, mainly in NYC area, to learn about, promote, and preserve Vietnamese art and culture.".
More recently I've heard about the meetings organized through www.meetup.com. They are an opportunity to practice speaking Vietnamese with others. The group is called New York City Vietnamese Language Meetup Group. I haven't been to one yet, but I hear about it from many different people.

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