September 20, 2010


Well it's clear my "hiatus" was a little bit more than that. But well there is only so much blogging one single person can do. A quick note to say that now that I have (yikes) kids (plural), one of my latest building-community projects, is starting a playgroup for all the Vietnamese friends I have met with kids. So the write up from the NYC Viet Kids Playgroup meetup page is as follows:

An informal place for parents of Vietnamese and mixed-Vietnamese kids, toddlers and infants to come together and meet other families. It's not easy to maintain ties to Vietnamese culture for our kids so this meet-up group is to provide a support system for whenever you want to access it. The group is casual and loosely knit, comprised of parents who would like their children to know something of their heritage and to occasionally meet other similar families.
This group is only for parents with Vietnamese or mixed-Vietnamese children.

Come join us! No pressure to be super Vietnamese or hard-core cultural, just come and hang.

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