March 19, 2007

Vietnamese-American authors

I've never come across a good definition of what it means to be Vietnamese-American and the longer we are here in America, the less defined those distinctions will be. While I haven't read it yet, Bich Minh Nguyen's Stealing Buddha's Dinner is about the dichotemy of growing up in a Vietnamese household in the middle of white America. Many friends have said this book resonates with their own growing up experience so I'm looking forward to checking it out. On the other side of the rainbow, our youngest sister Thu-Huong Ha just published her first novel, Hail Caesar. It's about an 18 year old high school senior who thinks he's the shit until he discovers he might not be. My mom describes it to her friends as not-at-all Vietnamese.


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The movie "Journey from the Fall or Vuot Song" has great potential of exploring the fact about Vietnam in 1975 and years after the country falls into the Communist.

However, improvements are required for the movie can be integrated to common media:

1. Some movie screens are not reflecting the time period such as the market was not that clean and not having as much goods during the boat people time. Also, the water at reeducation camp was not that clean and the people lived there was not that "healthy"

2. Slow motion made the movie hard to digest by newer generation

3. The movie organization was not smooth, some memoirs were not connected well from one character to another...

Check out the book about Vietnam:, and you'll see the differences

chanchow said...

Just finished reading this book. It's pretty good. Well-written and relatable.

Wish I had known about this blog while I lived in NYC. Have since relocated to LA.