March 21, 2006

Help! Vietnamese-speaking nanny wanted!

How to ensure that a child raised in a mixed Vietnamese-Jewish household will be able to speak Vietnamese??? I don't think it's even easy in a 100% Vietnamese household living in America... my brother, sisters and I speak a mixed range of Vietnamese to English, even if we speak exclusively Vietnamese with our parents. Imagine a baby with one parent who doesn't even speak. Sheesh!
So open call, we are looking for someone older, some experience with raising children, 100% fluent in Vietnamese (does not even need to speak English), and willing to come to our NYC apartment every day to watch our soon to be born baby. Any leads or thoughts would be most welcome. -y


Tiny Katsaint said...

I've just accidentally visited your blogsite and found it rather appealed with such various great links of Vietabroaders concerned to art affair.
Btw, though i canot give you any hint about the Vietnamese babysitter you need for your baby, i just have the idea that why dont you let your baby listen to vietnamese traditional music while he/she is still in your body, as other mother let their baby hear classical Mozart music, then let him/her enjoy Vietnamese children music during first years of life to make him/her get familiar with Vietnamese tenderly step by step.
Hope you would find the best solution!

Duc said...

I'd be glad to introduce you to co Nguyet, she speaks very good vietnamese and a decent bit of english. She has 7 kids and several recommendation letters so I think we can consider her experienced. We only hire her on afternoon and few evenings so she has some spare room in her schedule. The only two remaining things to sort out are : 1. she is vietnamese-christian, not vietnamese-jewish. 2. It's a long way to go from our house to yours !

Putting jokes aside, funny to realize that while you are gathering with the VN crowd in NYC, at this end of the world we make NYC friends. When you all come by (very soon, right ?), I'll be glad to introduce you to Justin & Julie, so that you can have some crispy bacon as a break between banh xeo Dinh Cong Trang & pho Pasteur.