November 10, 2005

I love Bo Nuong Vi

A typical Vietnamese style gathering... Initially I invited Tam and Thu to come over Tuesday night and keep me company for dinner while Rich was away in Cali for business. Then my mom calls on Sunday from the wedding of the sister of a friend of mine, Wil. Apparently she's sitting next to an architect couple from Vietnam who are friends with the bride. They are, of course, only in town for a little bit and wouldn't it be wonderful if we all met up, so she gives them my number. Tuesday morning I get a call from Nhi, naturally I invite her over for dinner that night with Tam and Thu and I. It's only an additional two people, no big deal. Well Nhi's not overly comfortable with the subway system and thinks it would just be easier if Wil came with them since he already knows the way. I love Wil, bring him along! Then I talk to Wil who says we should invite Thu, a friend of Nhi and her husband Trung who began his career as an architect. And then who could deny Wil bringing his new girlfriend Jenny?? Not I. So haha, in the space of an afternoon, my casual dinner for 3 turned rapidly into a dinner for 8! Fortunately my dining table was just barely able to accommodate 8 small Vietnamese people... and I have always been a big fan of the more the merrier.

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