June 06, 2005

Vietnamese Lessons - SUMMER 2005

We will be continuing classes this summer starting June 19. Advanced classes will be taught by Hanh Nguyen and we have found a teacher for the Beginners, Tin-Tin. Please let me know your preferences before we set up a final venue. Your options are:
Mondays 7pm at Viet Cafe/ Gallery in Tribeca
Tuesdays 6pm at a restaurant downtown (Liberty and Church streets)
Saturdays 3pm at a location TBD

For the summer we will be combining classes, or at least both Advanced and Beginners classes will take place on the same night at the same time. We will try keeping them separate with maybe some overlap for additional practice on both sides. Classes will start the week of June 19 probably ending mid-August. As usual they are $10 for the 1.5 hour session. Write me at yhaduong (at) yahoo (dot) com if you're interested.

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ka-thy minh bach said...

hello folks,

my friend and i will be in new york for 2 weeks in august. we are part of speak viet group here in the bay and was hoping we can join you all for the viet discussion groups in nyc too! please let us know if that is possible! (email minhthybach@gmail.com)

also, if there's any events, shows, that you think we should check out, def. let us know.

we look forward to meet some of you in august! :)

ka-thy minh bach
trang nguyen