March 16, 2005

Vietnamese Lessons - 2nd Class

A brief recap of the difference between Advanced and Beginners classes as Hanh and Ha tackled their first series of classes this past week:
Advanced Conducted all in Vietnamese, you should be able to at least speak and have a familiarity with the alphabet including (more or less) the differences between different vowel sounds and combinations. We will work on grammar, idioms, common phrases, etc. as well as learn some new vocabulary.
Beginners Conducted mostly in English, no prior knowledge of Vietnamese is assumed. Students will learn basic conversational openers (how are you, what is your name) as well as how to pronounce useful words. Some tidbits about Vietnamese culture and lifestyle will be taught here as well.

Please feel free to join the class at any moment. We're still trying to keep this informal and your participation is entirely self-motivated. No one is going to force you to keep coming... Also, if you've already been coming to class and have suggestions, ideas or requests - we'll gladly hear them! The classes are definitely a work in progress.

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